David (d2a0v0i5d) wrote in time4dinner,

Favorite Foods

Assuming cost and calories are a non-issue (don't we wish!), what would be your favorite food to eat on a regular basis?

It'd be a toss-up, really.

For a "nice" meal, I'd start with a hand-tossed Caesar salad with real anchovies, and freshly-made croutons. The main course would be a 12- or 14-oz bacon-wrapped filet mignon, medium rare. Baked potato on the side, loaded with butter, sour cream, chives. Accompanied by some sound California red wine. Then a thick slice of Chocolate Decadence Cake for dessert.

For a less formal meal: an anchovy and mushroom pizza, with a garlic-and-oil sauce instead of the totamto sauce. Thin crust, modest amount of cheese. A nice dark Porter beer to wash it down.

And yours is ____ ??
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